Our Story

 By co-founder Paul Berg,

Hello, my name is Paul Berg, I am a physical therapist and founding partner of Max Recovery alongside my partner and cofounder Mike ("Doc") O'Rourke a family practice doctor. Doc and I have worked at the same clinic for a number of years now, when you take a family doctor and a physical therapist working out of the same clinic, you see a lot of different patients. We both noticed that tight and/or painful muscles were a common issue across all walks of life.

As a physical therapist, I would manually work on the muscles to release these knots and teach my patients how to perform similar techniques at home. Doc came to me one day and asked if we could take what I do with patients and make something a person could wear and get the same results. At the same time, my son was a Freshman, college baseball player (pitcher and infielder), flying and taking long bus rides all over the country. From a child to him leaving for college, I would work on different regions of his body to clear out these muscle knots before and/or after sporting events. Our first prototype was an arm sleeve for my son, who was playing collegiate baseball at the time, with the traveling he was doing for the team and his study schedule the sleeve provided convenient treatment as he could wear it anywhere with no interruption to his day-to-day. During his 2nd through 5th year of playing, he continued to wear the sleeve and his teammates and roommates soon took notice and asked to try it too. After wearing the sleeve, players reported three major common improvements: (1) minimal to no soreness the next day, (2) experiencing the best condition their arms had ever been in, and (3) increased number of innings pitched during the spring and summer seasons. 

Max Recovery was born!